Fantastic Frogs

One of our most popular and highly anticipated events just got sweeter! A partnership with SIUE is allowing us to expand our Frog Programming - from Frog Walks to include FrogWatches. Expect to see and hear peepers, bullfrogs, tree frogs, and more! Dress to get messy - waterproof boots, long pants, flashlights, etc.

Frog Walk
Frog Walks teach participants how to identify local frog and toad species based on sight and sound. We listen to their calls in our Interpretive Classroom within the Welcome Center - while looking at their pictures and getting to learn about their niche habitat and specific adaptations. After a brief introductory presentation - we follow a frog expert onto the marsh and get dirty looking for the animals we just learned about.

Registration 2019:

FrogWatch will be similar and directly compliments Frog Walks. It required a period of uninterrupted silence to assess the local frog population based on sound - not sight. We then upload the data into a citizen science database, similar to our birding programs.

Registration TBD